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Oracle Java SE Embedded情報まとめ (2022/05時点)

Java SE Embedded - Downloads

  • (2022/05時点) 下記の情報が追記。
    • Java SE 8 Embedded is now on restricted availability intended for existing embedded support customers only.
    • If you would like more information about Java SE Embedded, please contact (Support、Patchの入手は特別契約が必要)

Java PM blog - Convergence Of Oracle Java SE Embedded With Oracle JDK (2017/09)

  • Accordingly, starting with JDK 9, Oracle doesn't plan to offer a separate "Oracle Java SE Embedded" download. In other words, Oracle Java SE 8 Embedded is the final release series of the "Oracle Java SE Embedded" product.

Oracle Java SE Embedded Downloads Archive

  • Oracle Java SE Embedded version 8 update 211 (8u211)までのダウンロード