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Link How Salesforce’s Tableau acquisition will impact IT Salesforce’s Tableau acquisition is huge, but not the hugest Salesforce - Tableau, Microsoft - GitHub, SAP - Qualtricsなど

Gartner MQ - Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (2019/01)

Link(レポートをダウンロードできるサイト) - Oracle Named a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solution for Analytics Magic Quadrant Leaders Oracle : H2O Flow (core component); H2O Steam; H2O Sparkling Water…

Link - Best companies to work for in China in 2019

Link These are the best companies to work for in China in 2019, according to LinkedIn 中国人に好かれる25社、アリババが首位に=米メディア

Link - 「Python」「R」「Jupyter Notebook」「Tableau」「Keras」が愛用される理由

Link - Digital Marketing Journal

AIリンク - TensorFlowを使ったGmailスパム対策

2018 Top IT Training Companies Top 20 Ranking ONLC Training Centers LinkedIn Learning Udemy for Business InfoSec Institute Learning Tree International Arrow ECS Education Fast Lane Institute For Knowledge Transfer GP Strategies TTA (The Training Ass…

Link - 2019年BIトレンド (by Tableau) Tableau社による2019年BIトレンド The rise of explainable AI Natural language humanizes your data Actionable analytics put data in context Data collaboratives amplify social good impact Codes of ethics catch up to data Data m…

Link - Infra Technology : Microservices, Kubernetes, Serverlessの次に来るもの 最近のキーワード microservices architectures, Kubernetes, serverless functions, service meshes, other cloud-native infrastructure technologies 次に来るもの Unikernels AIOps (AI Operations) Hands-off Containers Broader Server…

リンク - Deep Learning向けハードウェアガイド